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Dining Plan:

  • University of São Paulo does not have accommodation for exchange students, but it has a dining plan for all the students enrolled, with meals offered at a very low price (Breakfast: R$ 0.50, Lunch/Dinner: R$ 2.00 each).
  • Foreign students can also use the campus bus service freely  provided they have the BUSP card.

USP iFriends program

  • Student volunteers who participate in the USP ifriends program may also help foreign students with campus life and different activities around the city.

USP iFriends activities are:

  • Airport pick-up: receiving the exchange student at the airport or finding ways to help him locate himself and go to his first destination (the hostel, house or the university);
  • Housing: helping the exchange students to find housing. Since the USP iFriend knows the city, the location of the campus, the best places to live, he can take into consideration prices and other factors, according to the needs of the exchange student;
  • Legalization of the stay: taking the exchange student to the Brazilian Federal Police to attain the due legalization process.
  • Cultural integration: indicating the best options related to practical and immediate questions, at first, such as guiding the exchange student on how to use public transportation, how to go to the bank, to the post office and so on. Also, taking him to cultural activities such as cinemas, exhibitions, theaters, festivals, among others. All that will help the exchange student adapting himself to the Brazilian culture and daily life as quickly and as conveniently as possible.

To find more information about USP Ifriends, click here.

We also have tutoring / FEUSP Friends

Offering the same assistance from USP Ifriends, but with students from School of Education. The Exchange students can have both Friends.


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