International Office

Interacting in Foreign Languages at FEUSP


Professors and staff members are always willing to help as mobility students/researchers adapt to our Academic culture.

Below you will find a list of Faculty members and the languages they can speak.

1. Adriana Bauer English 232, Building A
2. Belmira Amelia de Barros Oliveira Bueno Spanish and English 215, Building A
3. Ana Paula Duboc English 107, Building A
4. Carla Biancha Angelucci Spanish 214, Building A
5. Claudia Rosa Riolfi English, French, Italian and Spanish 127, Building A
6. Diana Gonçalves Vidal English, French and Spanish 219, Building A
7. Dislane Zerbinatti Moraes French and Spanish 128, Building A
8. Elie Ghanem Spanish and English 234, Building A
9. Emerson de Pietri English, French and Spanish 115, Building A
10. Fabiana Augusta Alves Jardim English and Spanish 218, Building A
11. Flávia Ines Schilling French and Spanish 217, Building A
12. José Sergio Fonseca de Carvalho English and French 229, Building A
13. Julio Roberto Groppa Aquino English and Spanish 221, Building A
14. Karina Maldonado Pagnez Spanish and Brazilian Sign language 130, Building A
15. Lívia de Araújo Doninni Rodrigues English 107, Building A
16. Marcos Ferreira dos Santos Spanish, English and French 203, Building A
17. Marcos Garcia Neira Spanish 110, Building A
18 Maria da Graça Jacintho Setton French 223, Building A
19. Maria de Fatima Simões Francisco English and French 230, Building A
20. Martha Marandino English 134, Building A
21. Neide Luiza de Rezende French and Italian 121, Building A
22. Ocimar Munhoz Alavarse Spanish 201, Building A
23. Paulo Henrique Silveira Fernandes Spanish 111, Building A
24. Sandoval Nonato Gomes Santos French 111, Building A
25. Sandra Maria Sawaya French and Italian 231, Building A
26. Valdir Heitor Barzotto French, Spanish, Italian and English 125, Building A



1. Adriana Ranelli Weigel English and Spanish 11, Building B
2.Lelia Silveira Melo Souza English and French 11, Building B
3. Silvia Regina dos Santos English and Spanish 11, Building B
3. Tatiana Reschke English and Spanish 11, Building B
4. Vanessa de Lima Carvalho English and  Spanish 19, Building B