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Mobility for Graduate Students


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not receive exchange students in 2020.

The students from universities that have agreements* with the University of São Paulo School of Education (FEUSP) may participate in the mobility program in the field of Education. For graduates, we have both the Master and the Doctoral Degrees in Education.

Students are allowed to attend courses at School of Education/USP for one or two semesters, which can be further extended up to two more semesters if authorized by both the foreign institution and FEUSP. Students can obtain credits or conduct research valid to their Home Institution.

*For graduate student internships, it is not necessary for institutions to establish an international academic agreement.

Most graduate classes at FEUSP  are delivered in Portuguese, so we require exchange students to have a good knowledge of the language. Despite of this we do not require a proficiency certificate.

1 – Mobility of graduate students

In order to study at the School of Education, the Home University has to recommend  students through its International Office. The deadline for applications is (Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will no receive exchange students in 2020) June 15th (for courses beginning in August and finishing in December) and November 15th (for courses beginning in February and finishing in June).

Note: For intership over 3 months, the student will be registered as Exchange Graduate student.

2- Application steps

  • Candidates fill in the Graduate student application form and sign it click here.
    Student must complete his/her application sending the documents mentioned below by e-mail:  .

* Documents to be attached:

If approved, the student also has to submit copy of health insurance and copy of student VISA IV.

Credit courses/disciplines: For a list of credit courses/disciplines regularly offered, click here

For more information about Exchange Program, click here.

3 – Other programs

The Program for Partner Graduate Students (PEC-PG) is a government cooperation program with countries from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Middle East and the Caribbean. This program aims at increasing qualification of professors, researchers and professionals. For more information, click here .