Research activity is at the core of the University of São Paulo, as well as the research training of the students since undergraduation. At FEUSP students and professors are encouraged to get involved in research projects and clusters through institutional programs supported by USP and by the Faculty itself, as well as by other national and international funding agencies. Programs of Introduction to Scientific Research (for Undergraduate students) and Pre-Introduction to Scientific Research (for High School students) aim to arouse and stimulate interest in research activity, according to the different scientific fields of the School of Education.

The International Symposium of Introduction to Scientific Research USP (SIICUSP) is organized annually by the Research Committee, in cooperation with other units and the Research Dean at USP. Research concluded by undergraduate students is published in the Scientific Initiation Series – FEUSP.

The Post-doctoral internships promoted at USP are also included in our research activities, with the goal of improving scientific excellence. Researchers from different universities of the country take part in the Post-doctoral Program. These researchers and the Research Committee annually promote the Post-doctoral Seminar at FEUSP.