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Mobility for Undergraduate Students



The students of universities that have agreements* with the School of Education at the University of São Paulo (FEUSP) may participate in the mobility program in the field of Education. Undergraduate Exchange students are allowed to attend courses at the School of Education/USP for one or two semesters, which can be further extended up to two more semesters if authorized by both the foreign institution and FEUSP.

*If the Home University does not have an agreement with FEUSP, the School of Education begins the process as soon as the students are recommended.

1 – Mobility procedures

In order to study at the School of Education, the Home University has to recommend students through its International Office. The deadline for applications is June 15th    (for courses beginning in August and finishing in December) and November 30th (for courses beginning in February and finishing in June).

2- Application steps

  • Candidate fills in the application form and signs it Application Form for Undergraduate Student).
  • Home university registers the students in the link provided by the Institution.
  • Student receives an email containing a link to complete his/her application and attach documents. **

** Documents to be attached:

-Application form (filled and signed),

– Simple certificate of proficiency in Portuguese (from the home institution or language school) Basic level (A1 / A2) – certificate is not required for students from Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries.

-Recommendation letter by a Professor from the Home University,

-A photo (3×4 size),

-Official transcript of Records and its simple translation into Portuguese, English or Spanish (signed and stamped by the Home University),

-A copy of the passport.

IMPORTANT: All undergraduate classes at FEUSP  are delivered in Portuguese, so we require exchange students to have a good knowledge of the language. Despite of this we do not require a proficiency certificate.

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3 –  Other Programs

  • Program for Partner Undergraduate Students (PEG-G): program developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education in order to offer training opportunities for citizens of countries with which Brazil maintains educational and cultural agreements (especially in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean). For more information about this kind of program, click here .