Interaction in Foreign Language in the classes of School of Education

Dear students interested in studying at the School of Education at USP,

In order to facilitate your reception in our disciplines, undergraduate and graduate program, follow below some of the faculty members and their languages with which they are willing to interact with you. It’s not teaching the whole class in a foreign language. Therefore, it is important to have a basic knowledge of Portuguese. This is to make short summaries, answer questions and give some bibliography.

Professor – Foreign Language
1. Adriana Bauer – English
2. Carla Biancha Angelucci – Spanish
3. Claudia Rosa Riolfi – English, French, Italian and Spanish
4. Dislane Zerbinatti Moraes – French and Spanish
5. Elie Ghanem – Spanish and English
6. Emerson de Pietri – English, French and Spanish
7. Fabiana Augusta Alves Jardim – English and Spanish
8. Flávia Ines Schilling– French and Spanish
9. José Sergio Fonseca de Carvalho – English and French
10. Julio Roberto Groppa Aquino – English and Spanish
11. Karina Maldonado Pagnez – Spanish
12. Leny Magalhães Mrech – English, French, Spanish and Italian
13. Lívia de Araújo Doninni Rodrigues – English
14. Marcos Ferreira dos Santos – Spanish, English and French
15. Marcos Garcia Neira – Spanish
16. Maria da Graça Jacintho Setton – French
17. Maria de Fatima Simões Francisco – English and French
18. Martha Marandino – English
19. Neide Luiza de Rezende – French and Italian
20. Ocimar Munhoz Alavarse – Spanish
21. Paulo Henrique Silveira Fernandes – Spanish
22. Romualdo Luiz Portela de Oliveira – Spanish
23. Sandoval Nonato Gomes Santos – French
24. Sandra Maria Sawaya – French and Italian
25. Valdir Heitor Barzotto – French, Spanish, Italian and English