Undergraduate Program



To know about our Faculty staff members, departments they work in and contact emails, click here.

At the School of Education, professors and other staff members are always willing to help as mobility students adapt to our Academic culture. Below you will find a list of  our members and the languages they can speak to facilitate interaction and communication.


1. Adriana Bauer  English 232, Building A
2.Belmira Amelia de Barros Oliveira Bueno  Spanish and English 215, Building A
3. Ana Paula Duboc English 107, Building A
4. Carla Biancha Angelucci  Spanish 214, Building A
5. Claudia Rosa Riolfi  English, French, Italian and Spanish 127, Building A
6. Diana Gonçalves Vidal  English, French and Spanish 219, Building A
7. Dislane Zerbinatti Moraes French and Spanish 128, Building A
8. Elie Ghanem Spanish and English 234, Building A
9. Emerson de Pietri  English, French and Spanish 115, Building A
10. Fabiana Augusta Alves Jardim  English and Spanish 218, Building A
11. Flávia Ines Schilling French and Spanish 217, Building A
12. José Sergio Fonseca de Carvalho English and French 229, Building A
13. Julio Roberto Groppa Aquino  English and Spanish 221, Building A
14. Karina Maldonado Pagnez Spanish and Brazilian Sign language 130, Building A
15. Lívia de Araújo Doninni Rodrigues  English 107, Building A
16. Marcos Ferreira dos Santos Spanish, English and French 203, Building A
17. Marcos Garcia Neira Spanish 110, Building A
18. Maria da Graça Jacintho Setton French 223, Building A
19. Maria de Fatima Simões Francisco English and French 230, Building A
20. Martha Marandino English 134, Building A
21. Neide Luiza de Rezende French and Italian 121, Building A
22. Ocimar Munhoz Alavarse Spanish 201, Building A
23. Paulo Henrique Silveira Fernandes Spanish 111, Building A
24. Sandoval Nonato Gomes Santos French 111, Building A
25. Sandra Maria Sawaya French and Italian 231, Building A
26. Valdir Heitor Barzotto French, Spanish, Italian and English 125, Building A


1. Adriana Ranelli Weigel English and Spanish 11, Building B
2. Lélia Silveira Melo Souza  English and French 11, Building B
3. Silvia Regina dos Santos English and Spanish 11, Building B
4. Tatiana Reschke  English and Spanish 11, Building B
5. Vanessa de Lima Carvalho  English and  Spanish 19, Building B