Visit of University of Ontario Institute of Technology – Canada


On May 3rd, 2017, the School of Education (FEUSP) welcomed  students and  Dr. Alysson Eamer from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada). Along with undergraduate Brazilian students, the Canadian students attended the lecture entitled “Agency and critique in Brazilian teacher education: looking back, going beyond?” by Dr. Ana Paula Duboc, followed by “Paulo Freire and emancipatory education class” by Prof. Maria Clara di Pierro. In the afternoon, they attended an English graduate class from the course “Education: an international debate” with Dr. Diana Gonçalves Vidal, Dr. Belmira Oliveira Bueno, Dr. Adriana Bauer and Dr. Ana Duboc in which they had the chance to critically discuss about both Brazilian and Canadian educational systems.

In addition to the classes, the students from Ontario had the opportunity to visit the Escola de Aplicação of  FEUSP, a primary and secondary public school, hosted by the vice-principal, Lindy Moretti in which they had the chance to attend part of the French and English classes. They learned about the tradition of the Junina Party in Brazil through a workshop about Brazilian cuisine and expressions in Portuguese language, with the undergraduate students Celso Junior, Lucius da Silva Moura and Hugo Nicolau Gusmão. On the occasion, they could taste typical Junina Party food such as corn cake and paçoca (peanut candy). At lunch, the Canadian students could experience a bit of the academic life at USP, having lunch at the students’ central restaurant, called “Bandejão.”