Welcome Exchange Students – 2º semester 2019

On 31st July, 01st and 10 August 2019, the School of Education International Office (CCInt-FE), together with FEU students, organized the Reception for exchange mobility students of the 2nd semester 2019, attended by the Dean of the School of Education (FEUSP), Prof. Marcos Garcia Neira, the Coordinator of CCInt-FE, Profa. Ana Luiza Jesus da Costa, the Secretary of CCInt-FE, Vanessa Lima. We received students from the following institutions: Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Playa Ancha (Chile), Universidad de Granada (Spain), Universidad de Altiplano de Puno (Peru) and The Ohio State University (USA).

News this semester, exchange students will now have a FEUSP tutor / facilitator student each, who will help them to be inserted into the academic life of FEUSP and USP.

The welcome was also attended by students of FE Athletics , FE students who exchanged and the School of Application.

Educators of the Teacher Training Program presented the procedures for doing curricular internships at the Faculty.

The exchange students had the opportunity to make a monitored visit to the Toy Education Museum (MEB), with the Toy and Play workshop. They met FE facilities such as the Library, the Center for Study and Research in Language Teaching (CEPEL) , the Pro-student room and participated in an Exchange Talk Wheel, along with FE students who exchanged abroad.

Finally, they had the chance to get to know the University City Campus and the city of São Paulo through the USP Cultural Giro and the Cultural Giro: USP and São Paulo Modernista, along with other exchanges students from the School of Communications and Arts of the Instituto of International Relations.