IV Internationalization Seminar

Outcome of the IV Internationalization Seminar of FEUSP

The School of Education International Office – CCInt-FE, held, on November 12th, 13th and 14th, 2018, the IV Internationalization Seminar of School of Education (FE). It were presented 50 international experiences covering research, teaching and extension. 50 International experiences covering research, teaching and extension were presented.

These experiences, developed in 3 continents (Africa, America, Europe), were presented by FE professors professors of FE, institute professor institutions professors, coordinators of foreign institute agreements co-ordinators of agreements of foreign institutions or those who are interested in establishing agreements, with by FE students who participated in of exchange program abroad and with by foreign students who are enrolled at FE in the FE.
Other participants were Prof. Marcio Lobo, Dean in the academic mobility area of AUCANI (USP International Office) , Prof. Marcos Garcia Neira, Dean of FE and Prof. Valdir Heitor Barzotto, Coordinator of CCInt-FE,.also participated.
The participants were from the following institutions: University of La Plata (Argentina), Pedagogical University of Mozambique, University Institution Antonio José Camacho (Colombia), University of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), Higher Institute of Education Sciences Mayor of San Marcos (Peru) and Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito (Colombia).

Our students and professors have shared experiences at the following universities in the universities: Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Stanford (USA), University Grenoble Alpes (France), Siauliai University (Lithuania), Beijing Normal University (China), Biblioteca Maria Carolina Leiden (Netherlands), the Pedagogical University of Mozambique
and the University of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria).

Institutions from other parts of Brazil were also present Institutions in Brazil were also represented: State University of Paraíba, Federal University of Amazonas, Federal, University of Triangulo Mineiro, German Center for Science and Innovation (DWIH São Paulo), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaf – German Society for Research Support for Latin America, Foundation Humbolt, Municipal Secretary of Coordination of Smsp Subprefeituras, UNICENTRO, State University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Federal University of Pará, Federal University of Santa Catarina, PUC-SP, State University of Goiás, Federal, University of Southern Bahia, State University of Mato Grosso and the SIADES Institute.

During the first round, the lecturers of the CCInt-FE study group, formed by Prof. Valdir, made a quantitative and qualitative study of the reports of the CCInt-FE.
The Third International Symposium on Education, Diversity, Language and Culture – Ibero- American Academic Peer Meeting of REDIP (Ibero-American Network of Pedagogy) was held as part of the IV Seminar, which included participants from universities (School of Marine Biology Technical Education, Santa Cruz -Argentina, Andean Area University Foundation, Colombia, Los Lagos University Chile, Higher Education Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina, National University of La Plata, Argentina, Pedagogical and Technological, University of Colombia, Duitama, Boyacá, Colombia, State University de Goiás, University
of La Serena- Chile, El Paqui School, Monte Patria, Chile, Crispiniano State School,
Beacon School, Brazil, IC International Consultants, Brazil, Neues Tor School, Germany, Quindío University, Colombia, Faculty of Education , Technological University of Pereira, Colombia), Cardenal Silva Hen University riquez, Santiago – Chile, Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico). The closing day of this Symposium was during the Seminar, both coordinators of the events paid tribute to people and entities that did important work in the scope of internationalization. The day of the closing of this Symposium was during the
Seminar and both coordinators of the events organized honors to people and entities and entities that do a work worthy of prominence in the scope of internationalization. For example, CEPEL (Center for Studies and Research in Language Teaching – FEUSP) was honored by the Portuguese Language Advisory Service offered to foreign students enrolled at in FEUSP and the English proficiency tests offered to FEUSP students. The Pedagogical University of Mozambique was also honored as the institution that most cooperated with
FEUSP, with the arrival of a total of twelve doctoral students for exchange at in FEUSP and also coming from professors teachers for lectures and for the seminar in recent years. The honor was received by the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Education and Psychology, Prof. Dr. Felix Mulhanga, of this institution. Coincidentally, the Colombian student in exchange at FEUSP was also part of the network and received an honor as well.

The Prof. Valdir Barzotto also received honors from partner institutions and said goodbye to CCInt-FE after 4 years of great dedication and after having organized with excellency the 4 Seminars of Internationalization.

All the presentations contributed to reflect about the international process. think about the internacional process.