II Internationalization seminar FEUSP

II Internationalization Seminar FEUSP

The School of Education International Office – CCInt-FE,  held on 12 and 13 May 2016, the II Internationalization Seminar with 48 works presented , among them the School of Education (FE) professors, professors from others national universities and from foreign universities in Latin America and Europe, employees, undergraduate and graduate students, including foreign students in exchange program at the FE.

We also had the presence of Prof. Dr. Raul Machado Neto, president of AUCANI (USP International Office), the president of CCInt-FE, Prof. Drº Valdir Heitor Barzotto, and other department and committee heads from FE.

Students from Colombia and Chile made an artistic presentation with typical dances of their countries. Students of Colombia presented Fandango and Cumbia and the students of Chile, Pascuense dance.

All presentations contributed to thinking about the internationalization process of our University. The discussions were fruitful and will certainly help us to form new partnerships and enhance our integration policy.

The School of Education International Office welcomes the presence of all !