Climate change education: reflective views from Science and Technology Educators
Período: 25/10/2021 a 26/10/2021
Climate Change education is a global challenge that must be addressed through a combination of local learning and action in addition to wider systematic mindset shifts.
IOSTE believes Climate Change education should be firmly embedded in national education agendas, a concept supported by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4.7 (education for sustainable development) and 13.3 (education for climate protection and climate adaptation).
That is why IOSTE initiates this Thematic Symposium to engage regional and international activists to ensure Climate Change educators as key players anchoring the concept in science and technology education programmes. Through Climate Change educators sharing their experiences and expectations of Climate Change education while building networks and offering guidance on continuing education we aim to establish a broad and international community of collaborators.
Climate Change education is more important now than ever: understanding the causes and effects of Climate Change on humankind and our environment is the first step in shifting mindsets, establishing new ways of limiting its impact, and adapting to its unavoidable effects.
We call for full paper according to template to be presented during this IOSTE thematic symposium. We especially welcome proposals that connect declarative knowledge with attitude change, emotional and other affective features. As COP26, the 26th UN Conference of the Parties on Climate Change, takes place in November, proposals that relate national contributions to that meeting to national Climate Change education programmes will also be welcome. Proposals should be sent until October 2021. Review and responses will be rapid so that delegates can book the dates.
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